Awesome. Practice your high-pitched a bit more and it'll be perfect.

How did you learn to do it?

Learning to growl is my dream.
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Very good, im not sure you are getting the sheer deepness that Barnes hard, but its your own edge.
Btw how do you get longer breaths for growls? mine tend to fizzle out pretty quickly
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You have an atrocious sense of humour!

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Spend them wisely.

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That high pitched part when he says "MEEEEE!!!", I made lower so I could add a bit of a nicer touch to it. And I've been doing guttural/shrieks since I was about... 7? But at the same time, it's been pretty natural for me. I was born to desecrate.

Edit: Heh, I like 'em more understandable when doing them myself, but Barnes' are great too, since he has his own. And I'm not the greatest at sustaining, but it takes lots of warm ups, practice, and you should make sure you stand erect.

And like Corpsegrinder always says, DO NOT put the mic close to your mouth unless you want to be a faggot. Like the description says, I keep my mic at least 2 feet from my mouth at all times. I sometimes have to extend it even further to prevent feedback and distortion from being so loud.
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