Poll: what color should i paint my fender p bass
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View poll results: what color should i paint my fender p bass
Metalic green with maple fretboard
6 23%
Sonic blue with maple fretboard
4 15%
Daphne blue with maple fretboard
4 15%
lake placid blue with maple fretboard
7 27%
sea foam green with maple fretboard
3 12%
or other color (please feel free to tell me)(other than purple)
2 8%
Voters: 26.
Daphne or Sea Foam.
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Lake placid, the colour on the sexiest bass I've ever seen.
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i have no idea what different blues are so i went with sonic, because sonic the hedgehog is a pleasent blue color. I wouldnt go with a maple freatboard tough, i think they look bad. Rosewood is the prettiest, ebony comes second
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i paid 100 for the neck so im going to use it

Good choice, I love my maple jazz neck.
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The picture I posted? I don't own that bass, but ****, I wish I did.
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I'm a Fire, and I'll Burn.Burn.Burn.
what did you use to make that bass? is it one of those virtual guitar makers or am i mistaken?

ok i see now its a real bass for a while it looked like a digital bass.
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lake placid blue is ace, thats gunna be a sweet looking bass man
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does anyone know where i can find a p bass virtual builder?
Quote by savage94
I am 80% sure im going to paint it lake placid blue

you do realise that you cant just get that exact colour in a can right?

you have to spray it metallic silver first, and then cover it with semi-transparent blue.

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