Ok, so I've got an old Peavy Transtube 212. It's got a blown speaker; what kind of speaker should I get to replace the blown one?
But there's also opportunity for me to buy and old Line 6 Ax2 2x12 100w amp.
Which should I go for?

Also, I need a new distortion pedal. I play predominatly metal, i.e. Trivium, Killswitch, stuff like that.
Thanks for the help.

Oh, if it helps, my main guitar is an ESP LTD MH-103QM.
I play guitar in a ska band.
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Personally, I'd get the new speaker for the Peavey. First, because I like Peaveys. Second, because buying a new speaker will be cheaper. I would say maybe a Celestion Greenback.

I'm not too sure on a pedal for metal. Maybe a Metal Zone? Or something by Line6? EDIT: Or a Metal Muff.

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get an amp with good distortion, dont rely on pedals

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get a good amp and if you need to boost it with an OD pedal such as digitech bad monkey
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