What is your choice between Gibson or PRS guitars? I love the Les Paul and SG. But I recently just started getting into PRSs. What would you choose?
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PRS, you should have made a poll.
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PRS. I got some Gibsons and after you break away from purely Blues/Classic rock, they're kind of lame. You can make them work for basically anything except fast soloing though. The PRS is way more versatile. The pickups sound great for anything and they can get way more sounds. Plus you typically get much more for the money. I regretted a few weeks after getting my second Gibson that I didn't get a PRS for the same price.
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whoa, you are comparing apples and poon right here. completely different stuff
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PRS all the way...no contest.

Better everything for your money...Gibson is all about the name unless you pay for a complete custom, and for their price, you could get 2 or 3 PRS guitars that would be comparable to the same Gibson...

I love PRS... for recording. And I love Gibson's... for playing.
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it all depends but id go for the prs.. cheaper too or just go schecter haha i know its not one of the choices..
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