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Yesterday I went down to my local guitar center, and saw they were selling digitech pedals for $20-$25! It seemed great to me, so I bought a digital delay, and hyper phaser. Originally I was told that they were the display models. So I went home and plugged them in. They seemed great at first, but now I'm beginning to spot issues. For one the hyper phaser is the most problematic. I'll be playing around with it, when suddenly it will start playing like it's not even on even though the led indicator says it is. Then when I try to unplug the input and replug it in it stick to the on position. Until a few minutes later when it starts acting normal again. The only issue I've seen with the delay pedal is that it seems to generate alot of static, not enough to interfere with the playing, but if it's on or off. It seems to just have alot of static in the background. I play an epiphone les paul, a vox da5. when the epi is connected to the vox it sounds super clean no static and no problems. I really don't want to return these effects because I really wanted them, and it seemed like such a sweet deal. Is there anything I'm not doing, like matinence (I've already tried swapping batteries.) or any settings that can cause this?

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you probably just bought some crapped-out floor models. take em back i say.
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Yep, seems like it could be a wiring issue, but the floor models are usually pretty beat from kids stomping on them.
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Are the batteries dying maybe?
Try using an AC adaptor with them.
take them back. its a bad idea to buy anything that is a floor or display model, especially guitar pedals.
What was wrong with the effects on the Da5? You added used shotty pedals in front of a SS amp that already has effects. Return the stuff if you can, get your money back.
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I picked up a used Hyper Phase and Tone Driver for $50 (for both) recently. I'm not at all impressed with the Hyper Phase. I'd say take it back if it seems broke. If you were in Orlando I'd sell you mine for $25 and it works perfectly. The Tone Driver is pretty good though.
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The Tone Driver is pretty good though.

I actually like my Tone Driver. You have to fool with it a bit to get a good sound, but once you do, it is pretty nice.
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The digidelay is a pretty good all in one delay for the normal price.

The Hyperphase sounds horrible. I honestly think they had a bunch of stoned monkeys give it the thumbs up.

I had several Digitech pedals, and only had one **** up, my Whammy.

The little rubber foot on, inside of my Hyperphase, that connects to the switch became crooked and made the switch finicky, but it was just a fluke thing.
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Take them back and have them give you not-faulty ones, problem solved.
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hmm no way to check for a loose connection or anything? oh and I use them instead of the da5's effects because i have more control over the effects, and I want to use more then one effect at a time
Well I decided to be adventurous and started taking it apart until I had the circuit board half-way out i decided to chicken out in case there was a warranty still intact. Then I decided to use my boss ac adaptor for my bass OD pedal, it seems to be running well, although the other guy is right their hyper phaser is ****, but hey for $20 why not?