I wish I could play that fast.

I don't really have any good criticism, besides I would suggest working on better tones for well.. everything. But it could just be the recording.

Oh and if cockyness is the band gimmick, that's cool. I'm just not a fan of it
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thank you stevenpollock..
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lol yeah, we actually think quite the opposite of what we say in the bio. weve been trying to get studio recordings, but were broke.

is that a cowbell in the background?
Vocals could use some work
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sounds fair enough, what you need to work on; if that's your only site is getting a couple gig pics uploaded and a decent profile setup so people don't take one look and think you're amatures. that and get some more people to add you. or simply go around adding randoms or people you know to help build up a fan base.
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the funny thing about those ads is, if i could steal a car at the comfort of my own computer in my own house, i would.

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Ahahaha TS just got gobsmacked.
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I really liked everything except the vocals and the cymbals. That riff in the end made me cream.
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i was gonna say i hear a little arsis in there.. then i noticed it's the first influence listed. this is pretty good stuff, but it would sound even better with some proper production

EDIT: by the way, ditch the arrogance.. whether it's a joke or not, it's just lame.. you can't joke that way with a bunch of strangers who've never met/heard you before, it doesn't seem like a joke. plus the whole "own" thing is just says that you've barely entered puberty and do nothing but play video games all day. your band sounds good so far, so don't blow it on image
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I think your screwed ! You should quit guitar and take up the skin flute!
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no, theres no cowbell in the backround. yes, everyone in the band loves arsis, and weare stuck with an eight track recorder for a while. thanks everyone

and lowtek, i know, were just a bunch of nerds. 14 and 15 year old nerds, and your right, we probably should.

I digged it Then again, I love melodic death metal, lol

The music would really shine with better recordings, but I understand the situation you're in.

Keep up the good work.
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