hey everyone. I just recently started listening to alot of Andy Mckee. I have mainly played metal most of my life, but anyways, I'm practicing alot of his songs, or atleast the tabs I can find and was wondering....what are some good exercises for fingerpicking? I mainly can only do the thumb and index finger, but I want more vesatility in playing. also, what are some good ways to practice and learn percussive guitar, kind of like what Andy Mckee does? If theres any good tabbed out exercises let me know...thanks everyone!
Some people will say different, but my experience basically says that the best practice for fingerpicking is to just learn songs and practice the hell out of them. But then, I have never been one for technical exercises anyway.

To begin the McKee style stuff, get a firm ground in fingerpicking by learning songs, learning from a teacher, or pick up a book on it. After you are fairly decent with fingerpicking and are just bursting to start beating the crap out of your guitar and get a ton of wierd noises from it, tune your guitar to DADGAD and learn "Drifting" by McKee. It is hard, but no where near as hard as it seems. It is a good sounding song and people automatically associate something that is good with something that requires insane amounts of skill. While it is definitely a hard song that will take at least a month to master, it is not impossible, and is the first CandyRat/McKee/percussive guitar song I learned.
I actually started learning Drifting, Rylynn, and I'm doin good with For My Father...anyone else got any help here?
I was wondering the same thing, I tried to learn Drifting but couldn't get the hang of the percussion bit, and all the tutorial videos on youtube seem to have lag so you can't really see what's going on..
You Tube has lots of guit tutorials on all kinds of styles. Maybe even the specific songs you are looking for.
I havent had much luck with youtube, I'm not a beginner and I can play, it's just tackelinga whole new style, the transition is just differant. I must say though, his music has changed my outlook on playing
i say do what the other guy said, practice the hell out of a fingerstyle song you want to learn, you'll learn a lot of fingerpicking patterns. just really take it slow and make even note accurate, it takes a lot of patience and motivation but thats how your going to learn.