im from canada and im going to the dominican for the first time with my family, and they were just wondering if you can bring fod onto planes.
No, but you can bring food on board.
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I flew to the Caribbean and brought food with me.

Its drinks/other liquids that you cant bring.

I did that a few months ago..... so unless rules have changed thats how it is now.
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yes, but no liquids.

we all know what you want to do with your liquids....

....you and your damn liquids....

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I have no opinion on this matter.
I thought you weren't allowed to bring food from your house or something, but after security checks you are able to buy food at one of the concession stands. I don't know..
I'm going to make bombs in the shape of one item at a time so everything slowly gets taken away at the airport uyntil you can't bring anything
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Yes, you are allowed. Bring some Diet Coke, maybe some Mentos too, it'll be fun being wrestled to the ground.

Food or liquids over 125 ml are not aloud in your carry on unless you buy them after securtiy at the gate ( good luck prices are super inflated). You can take food in your lugage though im pretty sure.
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If you mean a snack you should be able to. I was able to bring snacks on my carry-on to Europe. You can't have drinks though, varying on the size.
Ok, you can bring food onto the plane, that's never an issue. Some countries have quarantine issues at the other end, and may be really pissed off if you try and bring certain foods in. Australia (where I'm from) is really strict on this. Generally you can take whatever you want to eat on the flight rather than eating ****ty airline food. I usually go to subway in the terminal before I board. On domestic flights you can hang on to the other half of your sandwich for later.

Don't try to actually bring any leftovers across a border if they have quarantine controls, either eat it, or bin it before you go through customs. Airports often have special bins for this.

I've no idea what the rules are for the Dominican Republic.
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I'm pretty sure you can bring on food that you buy inside the airport, after you pass through security. I don't think you can take food from outside the airport through security though.
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