This was mostly testing out how well I use my first recording software, and made a little riff to mess around with. It's on my profile titled Demo. How does it sound so far?
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It's sounding pretty good so far. Did you have the drums and bass programmed or did you record them as well? Also, what are you using to record?

Thank you - and yes, I recorded the drums on my keyboard and recorded the bass manually. I'm using Pro Tools LE and a digi 003 rack to record
by recorded bass manually you mean you played it right? just thinking.

anyways if you want to do more with the bass add a bit more attack and growl to it. maybe more finger pluckiness to it. the guitar sounds pretty good, neat tone, but maybe a little oversaturated with the reverb and echo. also the drums dont really sound like there a coherent part of the mix. im not quite sure what it is about it so i cant offer any suggestions about it but it seems seperate from the rest of the song i suppose. maybe applying some reverb in the master process would help it sound a little more together.

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