ok so here is the deal. me and some friends are starting a pop punk-ish band (rise against, AFI, linkin park) My best friend who is in the band is a great lyricist and a fun dude. but the only problem is he plays synth. how can we incorporate this into writing songs and doing covers? I can't really kick him out because we started this together. help please.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Linkin Park use a lot of synth?

Just simply look at bands that incorporate synth into their sound. It's just like any other instrument. It can easily be applied to any sound.
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Just be creative with it, it could end up differentiating you from a lot of other bands.
Mr. Hahn, the DJ from Linkin Park is always involved with the writing. You can always stick him in there... maybe he should start doing keyboards too if he doesn't already.


Rebel Yell is a great example synth and keyboards being added to an already killer song... especially at 3:04. If you do it right, the synth can make the song 10x better!
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Linkin Park use a lot of synth?

and afi, for that matter.
Motion city soundtrack if you like them has loads of synth stuff. The killers aren't really pop punk but another obvious example.

Apart from that a synth can play a lot of stuff a guitar can anyway. Typically it'll just be making a song sound 'fuller' by playing the same chords the guitar does. If hes good he should beable to transpose various guitar riffs to synth too, some fit well some dont sound nearly as good on a synth.
If he is a good synth player than it could sound amazing, just let him do his own thing.
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