Hey, I want to get a decent guitar, as my guitar is NOT cutting it anymore. I've been playing on it for about 3/4 years. (OScar Schmidt, viewable in my profile I believe).

I"ve been thinking about the Epiphone Black Beauty. Actually, I'm torn between the Gibson/Epiphone Explorer, the Epiphone black beauty, or an ibanez.

I like playing songs like covers from final fantasy, backing rhythm sections from bands like The Cliks, riffs from Led Zeppelin, metal, and pretty much everything.

What would you suggest?
Also, what is the difference between the black beauty, and the ebony?
ALSO, if I type in les paul black beauty, or ebony, i get pictures like this
which i like, and pictures like this


which i dont like quite so well. Why do they look different? I guess the only way to make sure I get the one I want is by ordering it correctly.

I would go to the store adn check it out myself, but it will be a few months before I can afford it, and my music store is pretty far away.

While I only have an MG10 Marshal amp, I plan to run it through a Peavy Vypyr 75W.
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the second les paul you showed is NOT a black beauty, it is a standard, that is very easy to tell, first it has trapezoid inlays and no custom inlay in the headstock. The first one with the trip-pickups is a black beauty on hte other hand.
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L i have an epiphone black beauty its a nice guitar but honestly if your looking for a good guitar buy an ibanez. Ill play my ibanez any day over the black beauty, although the triple pickup on the black beauty does look pretty sweet. But dont buy a guitar on looks go into a store and try out a bunch chances are you'll find one that you just want to keep playing....buy that one
Yeah, even if you can't yet afford the black beauty make sure to try it out for yourself and make sure you like how it sounds and feels. Who knows, you might find that you don't like it and it would really suck if didn't find that out until you had already bought it.
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the black beauty is a black with gold hardware, block inlays and headstock logo Lespaul Custom. The other one is a les paul studio. It has uncovered pickups, trapezoid inlays and silver hardware. The difference in playability and hardware isn't that much.

You could also try Agile AL-3000's and up. Michael Kelly's are good too, and Dean EVO's (mid-high end ones)

Also, if you are ONLY between Epi and Ibanez, get the ibanez (wich model BTW?)

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I would suggest you stay away from the Black Beauty guitars. That third pickup really hurts the guitar - it actually gives you less tone options and the combination of more wood being taken out of the guitar and the increased magnetic pull from the extra pickup will hurt the sustain of the guitar too.
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When I had my Black Beauty, I loved it.
I got my LTD for around the same price,
A ESP LTD EC-1000 w/duncans might be better suited for you and is around the same price, and is a MUCH better guitar.
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