So not sure if this belongs here or not but here's a model I just made on google sketchup. I used the dimensions from the Ashdown Mag 410. I couldn't put a grill on and I couldn't get a dome shape for the speakers but I thought it looked cool. I will hopefully eventually be building a cab over summer so maybe I'll go with a scheme like this. I thought the colors looked cool.

Cabs need to match drive units to work at their best. they work together as a tuned system.

this is especially true of ported (reflex) speakers.

see if you can get hold of the loudspeaker design cookbook by vance dickason or the old eminence loudspeaker design and construction book for a simpler explanation.

I am considering an article on speaker design for musicians, do you think it would be useful?

Build it though it will be so rewarding

Sorry got to go the band are arriving for a rehearsal.

I've been dying to say that.