Umm I've been using a cheap 10W amp for the past year now and I am looking for a new amp to suit me. I am I guess intermediate but just got no idea what to get.

I play from rock to hard metal so i don't know.
Maybe the Line 6 Spider III or the Marshall MG30?
i dont know what website you're lookin at, but the peavey valveking 112 is $419 USD on musicicanfriend.com...
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Peavey Vypyr. That should do everything you want and be better than those you mentioned.
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400 Australian?

Peavey Vypyr 30 is the best your gonna get.

I also figured out that the list prices on musicians friend are usually the prices your gonna be paying in AUD if you buy it in Australia.

also: valveking 112 is 900 in AUS and 212 is $1100
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There's a Peavey Bandit 112 at Music Swop Shop for $400, but you can probably negotiate that. It's a damn good SS amp and 100w so more than enough power for anything.
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Those are probably the best ones you will get for that price range imo. We have very little choice here in australia. i feel your pain TS.