So there I was, on a sunday night, with literally nothing to do, and as I'm listening to my iTunes on shuffle, I came across the song "Hip To Be Square" by Huey Lewis and the News. I thought to myself as I listened to it (for I had not heard it in quite some time) and came to the conclusion that a "Metalized" version of the song was the escapade that I could whittle away my spare time with. So I went off to work. Found the best backing track that I could (create :s) and then did the guitar-ing. Keep in mind as you listen that it is:

a) My first attempt at recording a song (that isn't simply a riff)
b) my first attempt using the cheaply purchased/found recording gear

Any and all criticisms are welcome, except those that have absolutely nothing to do with the task I have offered you.

tl;dr: Made a song, please listen

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