This is a little lyrical piece i wrote the other night..

Put it to a Blink 182 Chord progression, youll get the idea.

Critique and Adoration appreciated

Verse 1:

I Walked right past As she called my name

Good thing i jumped ship, cause she crashed the god damn plane.

No wonder she had no common sense

I wonder why her new boytoy was hard to convince

verse 2:

Ya i remember, could i forget?

Her bra size was as small as it could get.

And she couldnt even figure out, i wasnt all that into it.

Kind of like the way sometimes cheatings legit.


Get me out now

Im still in play

And your new boyfriend, ya i called him gay.

Get me out now

Your off of me

And i dont take to you, all that kindly.

Verse 3:

Whats gone wrong, with this situation

your eyes tell me, what i didnt want to see

So maybe ill go blind, to your constant whines

and find another addiction to crave


Get me out now

Im dying babe

Did you find another loser to date?

Get me out now

Your not that cute

And i dont wanna burst your bubble (cause its too much trouble)

for you------------------

Outro/Bridge Guitar only.

© Dk510boy
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