I'll be getting a real job, but the earning will be 100% dedicated to food/books for next year and rent....

So I've decided to take up busking frequently for "fun money."

My classical guitar is decent, but has a thin body (quiet) and when reviewed for an instrument of street performing it can only be described as a practice instrument...

Not to say that it's a bad guitar, but it doesn't meet the volume and punchiness standard.

I will be using my electric, as It's most comfortable for what I'd be playing (calm instrumental music which need very punchy, but warm tones).

I will be needing a "buskers" amp!


- Battery powered option (OR, also recommend me a good portable power supply)
- Reliable
- Cheap

Needless to say, good sound is a must.

Recommend me something... I was looking at:

-Roland micro cube
-Roland Street cube (though, I'd either get it used, or on sale)
-Crate profiler 5 (similar to the micro-cube... haven't heard anything about it)
The Micro Cube is really nice actually. It's voiced really nice for most of its channels and a really good buy.
If your planning to move about with it or don't want too much to carry, I'd recommend a Mighty Moe AmpStrap. Not sure if their sold in Canada yet, but if not, you guys are close enough to the US, you could probably convince the guys at one of the US shops to mail one to you.

If your fine with a combo though, I'd recommend the already-recommended Vox DA5.

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Cube street. But they are quite pricey so look at a Micro cube or VOX DA5. I would say the vox for the calm instrumentals because Microcubes are mainly for metal.
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