Is there a chart or something out there with a list of all the notes shown on a scale so that when someone says for example, tun UP to B, you could look at where the current note is at, and see exactly how far up you need to tune? Like a full step or half step or whatever.

I still have trouble figuring out how to tune when someone just says "tune down to D" or anything else for that matter. I need to see where D is in relation to what i am currently tuned to so i know how many steps down/up it is from where i am already at.
Well the scale follows the alphabet. So F is after E, G is after F, etc.

Standard tuning is E-A-D-G-B-E, so to tune down to drop D, you'd drop the bottom E by a tone, as D comes before E. Kapiche?
i have a tuner but a tuner doesn tell me how far down the note i want to get to is from the note im at. It only tells you what you are currently tuned to.
You need to learn the notes on your guitar, then you'll be able to do that.
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