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Name some guitarists or bands that have tone you absolutely love and would kill to have.

1) Metallica (from the Black Album to Re-Load)
2) George Lynch (His solo sounds are epic)
3) Jerry Cantrell (Chunky tone and his solo's are so smooth and soulful sounding)
I just love the solos from Pink Floyd, David Gilmor's drifting reverbing sound makes me wet. I mean their soft interlude solos, not their main song solos
Mark's(I think it was him who did this song) tone from "Get Back Wet Back" by The Long Tall Texans
It's the only one I can think of off hand.
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Joe Satriani in Always With Me, Always With You, Starry Night and Searching
Steve Vai in Juice and Bad Horsie. Prettymuch the whole Alien Love Secrets album really.
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I have many of them in Gearbox and Guitar Rig
Richie Sambora's live tone on the 1995 These Days tour. A Fender Richie Sambora signature Stratocaster and an actual 1959 Gibson Les Paul through four (count 'em, four) Fender Tone-Master heads.

Following that, Hendrix's Little Wing/Angel tone. Leslie speakers do wonderous things.

Following that, I'm loving something I developed myself recently; a Gibson Custom Shop 1959 VOS LP through an EQ with a heavy mid-boost and a slight upper treble boost, into a Micro Pog with a sub octave at 1/3 volume and octave up at 2/3 volume, into a fully pumped Digitech Screamin' Blues driver set with a +30% bass boost and +12% treble boost, into a Boss DD-7 set to a fairly standard delay, into a Fender Pro Reverb set with everything midway except treble up by about 17% and bass down by about 10% and reverb and tremolo off.
Flick on the neck pickup with the tone knob opened all the way and brace yourself.
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Opeth's clean and blues tones rate highly in my mind.

There's just something dark and haunting about them,and I have yet to be able to get that earthy warmth with my rig.


the strokes - 12:51, nick valensi's tone, the one that follows the vocal melody

muse - every single song. matt bellamy's tone is brilliant
John Frusciantes tone on his last few releases has been really epic! He released a new album this month and the guitar sound is truely epic!

Other favourite guitar tones:

Carlos Santana
Jimi Hendrix (when his guitar stayed in tune!)
Jimmy Page
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I would probably kill for Shawn Lane's, Buckethead's and Eric Johnson's tone. I'd rather have their skills though.
I've heard it both ways
the solo tone on comfotrably numb, best fender tone possible
as cheesy as it sounds the slash solo tone
...and justice for all rhythm tone
if you listen to rammstien they have an awesome distortion rhythm tone
listen to megadeth- lucretia. awesome
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Andy Timmons, easily.

yea man i just listened to him for the first time last night, his tone is pretty epic....

also, the tone from the wah intro to Voodoo Child (Slight Return) is one of my favorites, it just sounds sooo damn good
Jimi Hendrix > All

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SRV 's

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Eric Clapton's tone on 'Let It Rain,' especially on the solo.
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John Petrucci's, Steve Vai's tone (especially in Boston Rain Melody),
Michael Romeo's, Eric Johnson, Johnny Buckland (from Coldplay >.>,
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Paul Waggoner on Selkies
Jeff Buckley on Last Goodbye
Pat Metheny on A Night Away
Luke Hoskin on Seqioua Throne
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Most of Satch's tones.
Andy Timmons's tones on Electric Gypsy, A Night to Remember, and The Prayer/The Answer. The lead tone on The Prayer/The Answer might just be the most amazing thing I've ever heard, I've been GASing hardcore for a Stilletto + Tube Driver ever since.
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Claudio Sanchez tone on the last two Coheed albums.
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Ricky Wilson of The B-52's sound he got with Mosrites. Listen to Private Idaho or Rock Lobster, You can't get that sound on a Strat. I also like a Mustang's sound (Not because Kurt Cobain played them) Mustangs sound different. And I like Greg Brown's sound (He was in CAKE) Also this is not a guitar but I like the sound this bassist has going on in the start of "I Hear Motion" I haven't heard that before.
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I think vai has a great tone on the song, "Windows to the soul" his live tone is pretty sick too.

Petrucci's tone now with the mark IV's and when he played his mark IIC+'s. I didnt care for the recto's, way too raspy/fizzy.

SAtch's tone in pretty cool on always with me, always with you and the extremist album, and his new live tone.

Leslie west's new tone with his budda heads.

Guthrie govan's tone.

Eric johnson's clean tone.

SRV's tone was very cool.

Allen hinds' tone.

And...that was first comes to my head first....ill probs add some later..but for now thats it.

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SRV 's

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Anything Clapton. Really.

I really like Adrian Smith's tone for just about everything as well...

I do this personally.

Gain: 10
Bass: 10
Mids: 10
Treble: 10
Reverb: 10
Volume: 10

Sounds fresh.
Eric Clapton's Cream tones (specifically his woman tone on Born Under a Bad Sign and Sunshine of your Love and his live tones on White Room and Crossroads).

Jimmy Page's Live Les Paul tone.

Jimi Hendrix's strat tone (one of the most heavenly tones in the world)
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1. Brian May's
2. Gary Moore's
3. Slash's
4. David Gilmour's
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my top 3 from the top of my head are (in no order)

George Lynch's solo's
Jimmy Page has a variety of great tones
Metallica's Black Album
R.I.P. Randy Rhoads
Adam Jone's tone from Aenima to currently 10,000 days

And Jimmy Page's tone from Led Zeppelin I to Presence
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