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Alright, up until recently I've managed to get by with just a basic knowledge of pentatonic scales, but recently I decided that wasn't enough. So I began learning the basic classical scale, and that's been getting tired fast as it doesn't suit my writing. So, I'm looking for a new scale to use. Not as in new key, new shape. It can be anything as long as it isn't terribly genre-specific.

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What genre music do you play, maybe someone more knowledgeable can help you.
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the classical scale!? there is no such thing in that name, unless you mean the harmonic minor, in which case it sounds rather different than the pentatonic because it has 7 notes vs 5, and the altered intervals give it that western sound.

start by learning the major scale, and not just patterns on the fretboard, learn the proper application and how the major scale applies to music, there are some very informative articles in the music theory forum on the major scale and the modes, read and understand them all.
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