So I have all these riffs and song ideas, but no singer or drummer. So I used the drums and vocals from LOG's producer edition and made my own stuff. All the guitars, fx and sounds are made by me but the drums and vocals are mixed from the producer edition of Sacrament.
It's only a chance for me to see what my songs could be like if I had a real band

Sounds awesome, loves the riffs. Great tone overall, won't judge over the vocals since they're really not my style Although I love Walk with me in hell and Redneck. Did you use any Reverb modelling addon or just Reverb from the amp ?
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The vocals are timed badly. Otherwise pretty good.

This, I know you TS have to play along with the drums and vocals as they are, but is it possible to take the vocals out? I think it would sound much better.
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I'm in need of a guy
Man that is sweet, the vocals (blacken the cursed sun?) would be really sweet, but they're timed wrong, don't really fit in other than the exception of that first scream that sounds ****ing excellent. Nice tone though, and some of your riffs I really like. Overall good job.
For some reason my thing isn't loading past when Randy says "Rise".

But could you like send me the Sacrament Producer Edition?

I've been looking for it, for a while, and I don't wanna buy it because i bought the origial Sacrament when it came out.
Thanks for checking it out. The vocals are timed differently than what´s usually correct, but since I´m not writing the lyrics nor performing them I tried to somehow make them sound differently from the record. I could remove the vocals, but I think the song sounds much better with vocals. I just can´t sing myself so guess this is the next best thing.?

Anyway, thanks for the crits.
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