Just got my guitar and amp and opened up the amp box and i can see inside the back
of my amp.I phoned up dawsons were i got it from and the fella said its normal for most amps to come like that.I though amps had covering to protect it from crap.This is my first amp,i just find it odd there is no back covering and i can see the wires.

Is it normal to have no back covering on vypr amps.
Speakers need air to easily come in and out of the amp. Some amps have a small hole, some are completely open at the back and some are partially open. Most amps will have mesh covering the opening though.
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It gives amps different tones, some are closed, some open, some partially open. If u put the amp close to a wall, you will get better bass, its called "Bass Reflex".
Yep, it's totally open. And big enough for a 10" speaker, so I put one in mine. Sounds great. I made a new baffle board, so I could replace the old one and make the amp original (may need warranty repair). Didn't want to spring $30 for a piece of grill cloth (eBay price), so I cut up a T shirt with a design and used that.