Hi guys,
I'm fairly new to using distortion pedals, I used to just use my foot switch to use my amp's built in gain channel (i use a hughes and kettner matrix 100 combo), but recently decided to get a visual sound v2 series jekyll and hyde pedal. for those of you who aren't familiar with the jekyll and hyde pedal, its basically two pedals built into one, think ibanez tube screamer and boss DS 1. I played with the settings for a better half of a day, all the settings had one thing in common - they all sounded hollow and lifeless through my amp, extremely crunchy and paper thin, sometimes very muffled, usually accompanied by a fair bit of noise. is there something i can do to fix this problem? maybe suggest some amp/pedal settings?
Quote by Matt Chavie
Boost mids on amp?
All I got sorry.

yeah - all i can think is adjusting the EQ on your amp. You might want to check out different pedals...something with a more dynamic range that would allow you to tweak the lows/mids to get some dynamic tone...I use the MT2 from Boss and get a great sound.
How about playing through a humbucker instead of a single coil? That always thickens my tone.... Then again most people don't have both pickups on one guitar.
it uses the ts808 model i beleive not ts9.

Either way, i tried that jekyll and hyde and i found it the same. Maybe try a different pedal?