I've decided that it's time to buy a new amp. I currently have a Line 6 Spider III (it was a Christmas present and It was not my choice).

I play alot of metal, but not like death metal stuff. As much as its frowned upon, I play more pop metalish stuff, like A day to Remember, Attack Attack!, etc. However I also play some older Jimmy/Clapton type stuff. And I play softer stuff. I'v only been playing for about 3 years. I would like to keep my cost around 1500.
I have allot of ideas going through my head about what I want. I would prefer some type of rack amp system. I was thinking about a Jmp-1 for preamp. Not sure if that would give me the sound I'm looking for. Also in consideration is a 5150 or something in the Peavy line similar. However, I don't think this would give me very good clean tones.

I really dont know what I should do. I was just seeing if I could get some thought or suggestions about it.
1500 what, $'s? £'s?
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Best rack setup for that price I can think of would be a Rocktron Gainiac (which needs an OD to tighten it up) with a Rocktron Velocity power amp.
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You sure you want a rack set-up?

Yea I think I do... It's kinda been a dream of mine for a while... or maybe a head with rack EQ, tuner, effects, etc.

do you have a better option?
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