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Ron Asheton?

Ah sweet I got Kensai's approval.

Next time right-click on the image and go to properties then you can see the name of the picture itself, which was RonAsheton.

According to Wikipedia (which is not the most reliable source) he was found dead from a heart attack on January 6th so the exact date cannot be determined.
Their bass player?
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I also have hairy butt cheeks, I once shaved a letter 'W' on each cheek, so that when I bent over it spelled WoW.

warning, some of the contents of this post may not necessarily be completely true.
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Their bass player?

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Everyone knows that the day the Metallica ends, the world ends.
[quote="'[-=-[D-Roc"]-=-]']i thought the White Stripes didnt have a Bass play, it was just Jack n Meg

I think you may have missed the joke.
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sorry, but were you born a dumbass or did your mom n' dad take turns bashing your head with cinderblocks?

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You know that if you image search "pitbulls humping", all that comes up is a myspace a guy made for their dog?

I didn't actually..
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I think you may have missed the joke.

i didnt read...er...watch...the link...

its been an off day, forgive me