I am doing my Intergrated Assignment for my GCSE music and am currently on an A

I am doing variations on a theme and get to choose what i want to base the theme on, i want to do something fairly challenging but not ridiculous like paganini's 5th and not as easy as twinkle twinkle.

Can anyone reccommend me anything? classical would be nice
Don't diss Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I believe Mozart did some pretty cool pieces with that theme.

And I apologise that this wasn't an answer, I don't quite know what you are asking. You are looking for a piece to perform?
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you get the marks for changing it into through various different ways, not the song itself

go with twinkle twinkle atleast that way the teacher can give you all the same guidance and you all get good marks.

GCSE Music-not for the innovative musician
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