or people who know bands that are big enough tour but are not too big that they demand getting paid. pm me.
and when i say tour south east asia, i mean 10-15 shows across malaysia, singapore, thailand, indonesia and phillipines. bands like a better hope foundation, comeback kid, miles away, fc five, driven fear and have heart have done it.
ok. dont get me wrong. im just saying, i'll be able to book shows for you. if the ticket sales cover the rental, the excess will be given to the band. majority of the band's money should be made off through merch and cd sales. everything should be able to be covered, except flight tickets. of course, you'd get money, but you most probably wont be able to make profits.
touring costs more money than you would think.

Bands traveling half-way around the world aren't going to risk it on merch sales.

I'm not saying your idea is bad, it's pretty cool. But you gotta be realistic. If any band were to travel that far, they would almost definitely have some sort of guarentee.