Hey all,

I'm a guitarist who has a singer and who needs a rhythm section and possibly second guitarist.

Me and the singer have been regularly gigging for the past 5 months or so as an acoustic duo but are itching to get back to the full rock line up.

(you can check out the acoustic myspace here : www.myspace.com/secondseduction )

Looking to get a band that gets peoples' fists pumpin' and heads rockin'. Nothing OTT, just powerful, rocking tunes. A nice mix of Classic rock, hard rock, grunge and a bit of punk and metal to top things off.

Think Led Zeppelin being done doggy style by Metallica, whilst Alice in Chains, G'n'R, AC/DC and Black Sabbath watch....and you'll have an idea where we're looking.

We're based in Manchester, UK and would probably be looking to practice in the city centre so locality is a factor. We're early 20's but age isn't as important to us as your dedication, attitude and ambition.

We're not after any big ego's, show offs or posers. Just some enthusiastic, dedicated musicians who are a good laugh and passionate about creating head bangin' tunes and getting them out there to the masses.

Hope to hear from all you rocking drummers, bassists and axe wielders.

i am a bass player who is looking to join a rock/metal band but i live in crewe N,W U.K...
i am able to travel so if you would like a jam then drop me a line at U.G...
nice 1...