Yes yes, I know a really silly question, but I'm new to the whole pedal business and guitars in general.

I got given a Korg AX1500G, but am a little confused one which socket I should be connecting it to on my Fender HRD Tube.

First a few pics of the sockets of the Multifx and my amp:



As you can see my amp has a normal input socket on the left (2 actually) where the guitar is plugged into normally. Then I have a Preamp out and Poweramp in (foot switch socket too but that's for the switch box the amp came with).

I also have one of the Omnisonic Volume pots in a box to control my volume (as the on board amp volume uses linear pots which is far to sensitive). This is plugged into both my Preamp in and Poweramp out in a loop.

So a bit confused on where I should plug my AX1500G. Should it go straight into the input socket? or Preamp in or Poweramp out socket, is there some sort of difference plugging it in either?

Again apologies for the silly question :P.

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I was told I should use 2 cables to connect to both outputs of my mFX to both my Preamp out and Poweramp In.

Is this good advice, or would that damage my amp?
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