I am selling a mint condition Minarik Samhain Electric guitar. The only flaw it has is the bridge pickups gold finish has started to fade. But I am including a replacement bridge pickup for free. the serial number is 000023. the guitar plays and sounds great and I really hate to part with it, but I am a college student and need money. I'm asking $700 OBO! I paid $1100 for it and the case when i got it. the guitar comes with the OHSC. this is the only case that the guitar will fit in. The guitar is gorgeous, and will really turn heads.

The Samhain model guitar is designed to be the "heaviest" sounding guitar ever built. The majority of the mass of the body has been pushed down to the bottom of the guitar(this allows every low end frequency possible to be articulated through the larger mass now located in this crucial area) while the narrower waist and "tunning fork" horns channel the high end frquency's. This shape makes a devastating Bass guitar, and a Must Have for Artists that use drop tuning either live or in the studio.

Body: Select Mahogany,Quilted Maple Top, Paua Abalone Binding

Neck: Select Mahogany, Figured Rosewood Fretboard, All Hallows Eve Position Markers with Full Moon and Clouds and 12th Fret

Head: Select Mahogany, Quilt Maple Top, Pearliod Truss Cover, White Pearl "M" Logo

Pickups: Bridge: Tone Perfect "Resonata"

Neck: Tone Perfect "Resonata"

Hardware: Tune-A-Matic Bridge and Engraved Tail Piece

Strings: Everly Strings

you can email me at Coltsfan193@yahoo.com, feel free to ask questions or ask for more pics.