well im looking for good strap locks THAT WILL FIT a standard HSS stratocaster and are in black. This is for a new project im starting so yeah haha. ive been looking on some websites and there are a lot of mixed reviews so its kinda hard to decide. what do you guys think?
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I only use Schaller

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i use shaller, they work really well, although if this is a project it shoud probs be in the GB&C thread

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Schaller! cheap and reliable!

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Definitely Schaller. Picked a set up off of eBay for $25. Best $25 ever spent since I had some near misses before getting them.
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Schallers are my choice. Only complaint is that fitting them to my Gibson ES was kind of a pain. The button closest to the neck screwed in fine. The button on the bottom wouldn't stay put. I had to use a toothpick to give it some purchase.
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