Hey we're an all original Rock/Hard Rock band looking for a dynamic singer to front this very unique band. If u want to be a part of something different and want to gig lots and tour then we want to hear from u. Male or female does not matter talent and drive matters. rite_gig@hotmail.com
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Setting up auditions this week…

Due to the bands goal of giging and touring on a regular basis;
Commitment and dedication a must
could you give me the low down on this? members in band, ages, influences, etc. I'm 18, been in a band for 7 years as lead guitar and lead vocals. We've been in two Canada wide battle of bands and came fifth both times. I play/sing classic rock/rock/hard rock. I dislike screaming (meaning i will NEVER scream, hate it...did i mention it sounds horrible), been playing guitar for 11 years and singing for 7. I love having a good time but i take this really serious as i want to do this for as long as i can.

Kevin Glass