so i got myself a Rocktron Nitro Boost based on the price from MF and the reviews here:

i play thru a Mesa V-twin into a Mesa 50 Cal+ at living room levels with moderate amounts of gain.
i put the boost in front of the V-twin, and even with the Boost dial on 9 o'clock all i get is added noise.
do some setups just not take clean boosts well?
I don't know much about that pedal - but you shouldn't have that problem. Try turning the Boost all the way to '0' and Level to '10' (if it has a level)

Make sure it has a fresh battery and clean power supply.

Could be a bad cable or insert jack.

no idea but i haven't had a problem with any setups i've used clean boosts with...
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a clean boost does what it says on the tin..it boost your volume while retaining clarity. sounds like something is wrong with yours.. you should notice a change in gain level.