I am getting ready to buy a blackheart handsome devil and I am going to do the BITMO DAPPER DEVIL MOD to it which adds in a 3 way toggle switch for different amp voicings. I was wondering if I could some how replace the toggle switch wit hsome kind of footswitch. What do you think? How would I do this?
You would either need to run wires with signal all the way out to the pedal, a good way to pickup noise. Or need to build some sort of switching network, which can get complicated also in some cases additional power supply to drive it.
you could take the guitar's pup switch and set it on a jack (like, a harddrive cable) and build a small housing for a large 3 way switch (assuming you're using a 3 way).

It sould be interesting, to say the least. But doing that it would need the footswitch, and could be incredibly inconvinient to play with, since you'd have to stay by it at all times.
I thiought there might be a way that I could use a 3 or 4 pin xlr cable and run it from a 3 button footswitch into the amp and make it detachable. Only 1 switch(setting) would beable to be on at a time obviously. Think its possible?
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