Have a nice Power Screamer for sale. Think TS808 with options for more drive. from the HBE site:
The Power Screamer is an overdrive pedal providing many different overdrive sounds.
The Power Screamer sounds best when ran thru the input of a tube amp. Never run
the Power Screamer thru an effects loop.
-9VDC jack-for use with -(Negative) center, 9VDC, filtered, and regulated power supply.
Gain control-Varies the amount of overdrive.
Level control-Varies the amount of output. Capable of driving an amp in to saturation.
Sounds best when ran a little above unity. (Louder with the pedal on)
Tone control-Varies the amount of treble.
Boost-Provides approximately 10db of gain/volume boost.
On/Off-True bypass of effect. (Note: a small pop may occur when effect is switched
on/off. This is normal and is a trait associated with true bypass.)
Diode Select: Left-Classic overdrive-tight and controlled
Center-More bass, gain and volume, slight compression.
Right-Very compressed with tube like sag, warm, sounds like a small
tube amp about to explode, best for single notes.
This is the red one. Very nice condition.

$125 shipped to lower 48 only.


Squier neck. No sign of fret wear. The logo is removed, it had a fake Fender logo when I got it.
$35 plus shipping

Fender "upgraded" MIM trem. It is complete, trem, arm, claw, springs, and screws. This will replace most import 6 screw trem (Squier)
$25 plus shipping

Fender Samarium Cobalt Noiseless I picked up this set a few weeks ago and they just don't do it for me. These are white and the leads are full lenght.
$90 plus shipping