I have had my traynor ycv 50 blue for about 3 months now and it has worked perfectly until now. Whenever i play at low volumes, everything works fine. However, when I turn it up to band practice level and i play (especially the higher 3 strings) as i make contact with the strings, there is a loud, scary popping noise and i dont know whats wrong.
any one can help?
Is this a tube amp?
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Did you buy it used? If so, it's possible that it's due for some new tubes, but it could also be something else simple (pots, etc.).

I'd take it in to get looked at, a good shop won't charge you an arm and a leg.
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You should be within warranty at 3 months. It could be a lot of things but generally that's a reliable amp. We don't see many issues with them in this forum. I think you should take it in and get it checked out.

Nice amp by the way, sorry you're having issues.