my guitar is an ESP viper 400 with fixed bridge.

i have my guitar in standard tuning, EADGBe, however, when i play the high e string at the 12th fret is it barely reading e on my tuner. ive moved the saddle my tiny increments up and down and it hasnt made any difference...can someome help me out....what am i doin wrong?

thanks in advance
Actually your doing it right I believe its just time consuming to get it right
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lol...ive been trying to get it right for about half an hour....its buggin the heck out of me.....and ive moved the saddle as far forward and backwards as it can go.....but the string still rings at the tone of low e wherever the saddle is....confused.com!
oh...i thought the idea was to play the note...not the harmonic....how do i play the harmonic note?
a simple harmonic, barely touch the string. you are basically aligning the true midpoint of the string with your twelfth fret note which should be the midpoint as well ideally. i think? lol
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