i've been looking at the Bill M mods and i think i want to do a few of them to my blues junior. i was just hoping for some advice on doing it from people who have done it already like what kind of soldering iron to use, how not to damage the board, and overall expierience doing it.
You'll want a pencil-style soldering iron around 40 watts. Practice soldering on other things so that you don't sit there cooking the board trying to get a part on.
The most important thing is to know proper safety procedures for yourself. There are guides all over the place on how to safely service a tube amp, read through a few of those first so you know what to do.
I'm not a huge fan of the Bill M mods, but that's personal preference. They're not hard to do, so I don't think that should be an issue.
i have experience with soldering so i got that down pretty good but ill stilll check out some guides or something. if your not a fan of the bill m mods do you know of any better ones?
I do my own mods for the most part, lots of cap and resistor substitutions. The negative feedback loop needs some work on those amps especially, as does the phase inverter.
what are some good mods i can do to get a better tone out of my blues junior?