just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to properly set up the acoustics in a jam room? right now my jam room sucks because its a bare basement with concrete walls and then theres a big hole in one of the walls as the doorway to the room but no doors. its also almost perfectly rectangular. looks like this

i have drums, and guitar amp in their permenantly, basses come and go.
its pretty big, the drums and amp take up say the top quarter.

probably looking at dampening the sound and the reverb i guess, as it echoes off the walls very harshly...
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Umm you could try egg cartons on the walls, we did this at my old bands practice space it works well. Its just a ton of work plus you need a ridiculous amount of cartons.
Carpet the walls.
I would suggest going to a carpet store and asking if you can take their "trash" off their hands either for free or a super low price. I've gotten huge rolls doing this before.
Shag carpet is going to be the best at reducing sound.
Also, it doesn't matter if its alot at once. anywhere is a good start. and I tend to find that a bunch of small random carpet squares is more fun to look at anyways.

You could also go to the local music shop and get acutal sound proofing material, but that gets real expensive real fast.