Do you think I would get a versitle sound if I change my speakers in my 2x12 to a
Celestion G12-80 Classic Lead 12 and an Eminence Man O War or does anybody know what 2 speakers would get me a versitle sound ,too be able to go from blues to classic rock to hard rock and some light metal like metallica?
whta model of amp do you have to begin with?
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Sounds like a decent amp to me! If you're considering spending more money on speakers (& celestions aren't cheap!) Consider buying an extension cabinet! You can have the best of both worlds (especially if the extension is closed back or ported) Then you can have:
just the original amp
just the extnsion speakers - disconnect combo ones
run both at the same time
There's probably some decent cab's for a shade more than the bare speaker will cost you.
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cool thanks for the tip and help.I think I will change the speakers in the the 2x12 and get a vadar cab with the same speakers.That should sound pretty awesome.