When I 1st started to play standing up, i got the hang of it really quickly,

What was it like for you guys?

I still find it hard when i go to do arpeggios ... say for example an E Minor or a Major for that matter Arpeggio, I still find it hard to accuratly and efficiently reach the 17+ frets on A and E.

I guess this is only because I only really do rhythm when playing with bands and i only stand when playing with a band, thats my theory any way.

So leme know about you guys,

its quite similar realy...just sometimes is a bit harder to play certain things
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I've always practiced standing up...

I find if I'm playing while sitting down I have to slouch in my chair to reach certain frets
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For me, it's harder to play rhythm standing up. At least not in a position where i can feel comfortable in.
I played standing up from the beginning so I got used to it pretty quickly. If you're having problems accurately hitting the higher frets, tighten your strap.
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