my band is intending to play an acoustic set including original and cover songs at a local park. is this illegal in any way? do we have to have a permit?

and also any tips for being successful?
might wanna check with the park management
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you probably need a permit. unless you are just going to jam there, but if you are putting up flyers to advertise and junk, you should check with town hall or something
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your probably gonna need a permit check with your local authorities
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Either way, sounds like a pretty good idea. Assuming this plan isnt set in england, because it will rain.
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Either way, sounds like a pretty good idea. Assuming this plan isnt set in england, because it will rain.

haha yeah unfortunately. january in the midlands isnt a great time to play some outdoor gigs i guess?
In England, you technically need a license, tho in reality all that will happen is the police will move you on.
if you're planning to profit from the event in any way, including people dropping change in your guitar cases, then you will probably need a busking license. if you're planning to actually assemble a large crowd for this event, you'll probably need a permit too.

but if you're just two guys playing guitars, you should be able to jam peacefully without legal trouble
Me and a friend have played in a subway with electrics and amps before. The police walked past us at one point and didn't mind, even though our guitar cases had money in and we were clearly busking. You'll be fine with acoustics in a park. If you want to put your cases out and get some money then I'm sure you'll be fine, just remember to put a few coins in before you begin so that people know to follow suit.
Most likely you need a street performer's license, but if you go ahead without it, the worst that can happen is they stop you playing. I'd say just go get the permit, since it's probably good anywhere in that vicinity for a while. I'm getting mine next week.

EDIT: Permits are $40 here in Cambridge, MA, and good until the end of the calender year, which is why I'm getting it now, so I can get my money's worth (though outside the campus of Harvard University, buskers make upwards of $60 a day.
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