alright ug.

does anyone here bmx? i know a few people that do and they've offered to teach me if i buy a bike.

and basically i don't know ****all about what specs make a good bike, and i was wondering if anyone here would know if this or this would be a good starter bike. i know we the people are pretty respected?

Nope, but thanks for asking.
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theyre both decent. but it all comes down to what your gonna be using it for...
street, or park and trail...

are you gonna do street tricks, like flatland bmx or skateparks?
like building **** jumps out of dumpsters and plywoood and doin tricks on flatland like me, then your gonna want the second one, the arcade.

but if your gonna be goin through the woods on dirt jumps and trails, then your gonna want to buy the Reason, the first one.

hope this helped and happy ridin
I do, I started out with a Giant GFR CB, I got it used for 140 euros, pretty good bike. Now I have a haro Z24, not that expensive and reliable.