I was reading a Jimi Hendrix biography, and the 3rd verse came to me. But first I wrote the first 2 verses. Bluesy-phsycaldelic(sp?) type thing. A-side.

In My Dream

In my dream the mind's eye looked at me and told me to turn around
In my dream the god of the sky took up me and told me to shut my mouth
And if my dream where to come true
Lord, I don't know what I'd do

I turned around and saw man holding a gun to his head
I shut my mouth and saw a man doing exactly as he said
They told me to stand by
But why?

An experience came from the heavens and played his guitar with me
And experience came from the heavens and I tell you it was a sight to see
I don't know if I've done, I don't know if I had fun
But man, I know I believe

In my daze I took it upon myself to take it off and let my self be free
In my daze I took it upon myself to be where I wanted to be
I stand right inside the fire
I this bliss of a nightmare of a dream of mine...inside my mind.
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Nice. A nod to Hendrix is not a bad thing, as long as its an acknowledgement and not a rip off.

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