The ones in the Ultimate settings topic aren't that great imo. I have a Roland Cube 30, so it's somewhat versatile lol.
Use your ear.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure Hetfield and Kirk used a Mesa Mark IIC+ for that record. Your chances of being able to replicate the tone with a Cube 30 aren't too high.

Save up around $2000USD and get yourself a used Mark IIC+
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Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
Check the settings thread, the equipment and settings they used from different years are there.
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I'm not familiar with your amp but try mids at half, treble high, bass/lows pretty high, gain high, a little delay/reverb. That works with my setup, hope this helped.
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Scoop your mids. Throw a little reverb on it. Put your gain at about 2 o clock.
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The ones in the Ultimate settings topic aren't that great imo. I have a Roland Cube 30, so it's somewhat versatile lol.

no need for the lol, god i hate that

and trying to replicate that tone with a roland cube is damn near impossible
bass more or less on full, mids at 8/9 o'clock, treble around 2/3 o'clock (adjust to get rid of fizz if necessary).

you won't get the exact tone. hetfield uses rediculously elaborate set ups and mic configs for recording rhythm guitar - not to mention, they're all triple tracked.
use the rectifier setting with the gain at 7ish. the equalizer: highs at 6, mids at 2, bass at 7 (actual settings not o'clock). through a little reverb in. i used to have a roland cube and thats about as close as I got to metallica. play with the equalizer a little to get the tone. also what guitar are you using, that might have a big impact
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so i have a cube 20. get it to where you want with your ear, the mids a little scooped, and then add some delay. barely any delay...
so the general consensus is that this is a good tone?
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