I've been thinking about this for awhile now...

I'll be honest: I enjoy Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

1 thing that those games do right: expose people to music. I've come to like dozens of bands/songs that I never heard before Guitar Hero, and I'm sure other people would say the same.

In many ways, actually, they made me want to play real guitar.
Which is quite the opposite response that you hear. Typically, you'll hear, "Why would I want to play real guitar, I have Guitar Hero!"

When I started playing real guitar, I realized that playing the entire Guitar Hero game on "expert" wasn't nearly as satisfying as playing the intro to "Smoke On the Water" on real guitar.

I'm pretty neutral on this topic, but I was wondering what other musicians think about these games.

Post your thoughts! ::type
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It's a game. Anyone who gets pissed off about it is an idiot.

You don't hear people in the army bitching about Call of Duty do you?


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DDR is better.
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