I am an extremly shy player, with no money and no expierience performing infront of people

So busking is an idea I have come up with, it sounds like something that will really help me if I keep at it

I can easily get to alot of London tube and train stations from where I live

But I have doubts, as there are idiots, permits, travelling with equipment, is the money worth it etc

So I am wondering, have any of you tried busking? If so, what was good and bad about it? Any tips or advice?
Some towns as a whole offer permits, whereas most dont care.

And sometimes its fecking hard finding out.

I suggest just going out and busking instantly regardless of where you are, the worst that you can happen is that you'll be asked to stop, well i mean if you agree to move that is :P

It will help you perform, especially since most people wont care, and those that give you a smile inspire you

Theres alot of kind people who'll happily give spare change.

If anything, not only paly your own stuff, but play stuff they'll recignise, because that will entice them to donate, i mean you can be playing like hardcore death metal because no one will give you cash (depends where yo uare really) :P Where as doing acoustic versions of songs they'll recignise will get you attetnton

Good luck! Enjoy!
Id suggest take a friend with you, to stand nearby and be there as support so u dont get hassled.