What’s the true definition of bliss?
Nothing compared to this
Scream go crazy and ballistic
Cuz Life’s a maniac its sadistic

(verse 1)

I’m crazy on the dance floor
My minds an overkill
My legs are getting sore
I’ve abandoned my will

I’m freaking to a point of insane
I’ve lost everything there is to gain


(verse 2)

Nothing more to lose nothing left to gain
What’s only left is what I can obtain
Futures never set in stone
I wont always be this alone

don’t look back if it hurts
stop being so alert



Show out
Throw out
Give out
Live out….of the ordinary normality


so thats it, my first song ever written give me feedback, constructive crit, comments, anything really. and i have trouble writing the actually music for songs so if you wanna help with that...no complains here
"dear gravity, you've held me down in this starless city."