Heys guys. I placing an order from sam ash here and was thinking about adding a Zoom G2.1U to the order. I have a Zoom 606 I got about 3 years ago and love it. Its not the most durable thing but it work for me. I don't play in shows, and mainly play through a Carvin 100w amp or just headphones. I know there are alot nicer effects out there, but I'm not on tour here, so the Boss pedalboard I'd like to have isn't needed right now. I was wondering If any of you had tried the Zoom G2. My Zoom 606 doesn't have a drum machine. I'm sure the drums sound pretty cheesy, but must be somewhat useful, kinda like a metronome. For a 100-160 bucks, it doesn't seem like you could go wrong. Anybody try this thing?
I've tried the G2.1U, pretty complicated but you get the hang of it, effects arent bad and the USB facility is worth the extra money
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The reason I was thinking about spending the extra cash on the G2.1 was it looks like it comes with some software. I have an old guitar track, not nearly as advanced as the newer ones. Is the software pretty good for recording riffs and solos you don't want to forget? And can you adjust tempos fairly well on drum machine?
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yea, i've got it, its a solid unit, the USB interface is great for recording, and its sounds decent.
It's definitely not going to get you jaw dropping tone, but its still a great little piece of gear

telEDIT: for the software, mine came with Cubase LE4, and as far as i know thats some damn good software.

The drum machines pretty good too, there are about 40 different beats, and you just turn a knob to raise or lower the tempo
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i have the G2 , i don't like it and haven't used it in over a year, it sounded too digital to me, but maybe i just didn't spend enough time playing around with it. I didn't like it that much , but i haven't had any experiance with the G2.1u so maybe thats better
Eh, I used to own a G2.1u, the distortion is pretty weak on it and the effects are just alright. For the price, it's not bad, but if you're just getting it for the software, download Reaper for free instead and you'll be fine, I prefer Reaper over Cubase LE anyway
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Right Now, to only way I can hook my 606 to my computer is with a 1/4 instrument cable with an 1/8 adapter. Its hard to get to and the USB is right i front, so it would be much more accessible. The G2 also has an off switch, which my 606 is lacking. Ive heard much better effects on some other pedalboards, but they cost 5x as much and to Zoom 606 effects work fine for me. That drum machine would be nice. Maybe I'll get it and sell my 606. Unless you guys know of any other cheap, alright multiFX?
I have one other question about the Zoom G2. The expression pedal on my Zoom 606 feels about as cheap as they get. Thats one of the only bad things about it. Do you know if the pedal on the G2 is firmer, or at least a little better?