Ok i am pretty much a solo artist. I record bass, drums, guitar, organ, harmonica, vox and all that with a multitrack recorder (aka audacity lol). But the thing is i cant preform live and i have a gig soon. I have one buddy on drums, but no one seems to be able to play rhythm and lead guitar. Im gonna be playing hammond organ, i think i can get bass lines, but all guitarists at my school play metal so its hard to find some.
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Wouldn't you consider backing tracks?? Get the bass, lead, and piano on the backing track and play rhythm (and sing too) live.
you could take your laptop and play the rest of the tracks through the p.a. i see a few guys doing that sort of thing, they have all their backing coming from pre-recorded tracks and they just do whatever part they feel like, i spose it's alright cos you played all the parts anyway.... not like just doing improv over some one elses music....
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A friend of mine has a solo project like yours and for a gig he invited some of his musician friends to join him onstage. You should do that.
you really shouldn't organise gigs if you don't have a touring line-up who know what they're doing lol.
I would just say play the organ or piano by yourself with no accompaniment.
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I agree, record the parts that will be missing and export as MP3, CD, etc. Patch it into the mixer and play away. It will be helpful to have a hi hat, drum stick strike, or something recorded where you and any other live musicians know where to come in. (you know... 1...2...1,2,3,4...)

I've recorded drum/bass backing tracks for songs so I can perform them with me singing and playing guitar. It's not ideal, but it works.

Just think of it this way... you won't have to worry about some unreliable idiot not showing up to rehearsal, or getting too drunk to perform!