Ok, so I have a Rouge bass that I'm going to be tinkering with (I like to do at least a little DIY work on my instruments) and I'm going to scallop the frets and throw in a killswitch.
While I was going through my electronics box, I found a humbucker guitar pickup that fits across the width of the width of the strings (not larger than, like the bass pickups in it already).

I'm wondering what it would sound like if I managed to drop it into this bass. Anyone have any ideas/can link me to someone who's tried this?
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it would sound bad. very bad. the pup has six poles meant for a guitars six strings, which would cause only four bass strrings would sound like mush.
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ok, so I took the pickup, and wired it into a guitar cable, so it worked as a floating pickup, and I held it over the bass, works pretty well actually.

Figured I'd let you know, it's a tad muddy, but I expected that
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